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We create new opportunities for forward- thinking companies with high-level of automations, high-speed communication that can be used to provide significant business improvements to a modern business organisation. Our expertise combines Project management and Digital marketing skills with expertise in the field of IT, Web and Mobile App development that could become a competent and effective tool for prospective managers and for end user consumption, Web analytics and Maintenance and support.

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To ensure the greatest uptime is offered at a straightforward and reasonable price, your online project would be monitored 24/7 throughout the entire year.

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Your web project will have test coverage to guarantee quality throughout each stage of the development cycle.

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Your knowledgeable team is on hand around-the-clock to assist you with any questions and enhance your IT experience and interaction with us.

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Niniwebsites was formed in 2015 and became a full Software Development Freelance organization in 2020 under Section 62.0 of the UK Standard Industrial Classification of the Economic Activity (2007) offering off-the-shelf web applications and acquisition of software products for Large organizations. Niniwebsites is based in Croydon of South London, Greater London. Niniwebsites are a supplier of packaged software, CMS’s that are tailored to clients need.

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