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Attracting Links to your site to improve your sites SEO 

When link building is done right, it can help your rankings. Websites that are well established have probably attracted many links and the best kind of links are the ones from high profile sites. However,…

Save Time and Money during your Software Development Life Cycle 

First, I would like to talk about planning. Planning is the first step when designing a new website for your company or your client. But how do you plan a project that hasn’t been developed…

A beginners guide to web design: Managing the scope of a new web project

Preventing issues as such as scope creep can help development teams meet deadlines through meetings with stakeholders and users of the new website.

A beginners guide to web design: Cost Of Implementing an E-commerce Website on WordPress

At Niniwebsites, an E-commerce project actual cost is around £1,499 and it could take about 30 days to add about 300 to 500 products with Woo commerce.

A beginners guide to web design: Three programming languages I should have known before starting a course in Software Engineering

The most popular languages for beginners that are new to Web design include HTML, CSS and JavaScript.