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99.9% Uptime Guarantee

To ensure the greatest uptime is offered at a straightforward and reasonable price, your online project would be monitored 24/7 throughout the entire year.

Quality Assurance

Your web project will have test coverage to guarantee quality throughout each stage of the development cycle.

Our Dedicated Support

Your knowledgeable team is on hand around-the-clock to assist you with any questions and enhance your IT experience and interaction with us.

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domain name com icon £14.99 $23.90 £14.99 £14.99
domain name com icon £14.99 £14.99 £14.99
domain name com icon £14.99 £14.99 £14.99
domain name com icon £14.99 £14.99 £14.99
domain name com icon £14.99 £14.99 £14.99
domain name com icon £14.99 £18.95 £14.99 £14.99
domain name com icon £14.99 £14.99 £14.99
domain name com icon £14.99 £14.99 £14.99

We Offer


No Multi Tenancy

Our customers of the cloud hosting use the same infrastructure – the same servers, typically – while still keeping their data and their business logic separate and secure.

LiteSpeed Web Server

We make use of the leading high-performance, high-scalability server from LiteSpeed Technologies

cPanel Hosting Control

You can start your website hosting journey with the Internet’s most widely used control panel. It has practical tools for file, email, and MySQL database management. In addition to that, hosting with cPanel will give you SEO optimization gadgets.

PHP Selector

cPanel users can find PHP Selector functionality under the “Select PHP version” in their cPanel home page and avoid hidden cost charged by other hosting providers.

LiteSpeed Cache

LiteSpeed Cache (LSCache) is a built-in, high-performance dynamic content acceleration feature of LiteSpeed server.

Free and Auto SSL

You can show your visitors you are trustworthy and authentic. Compatibility with all major browsers and mobile devices. Easy-to-access resources: FREE SSL Checker, Malware Checker. Removal of Not Secure warning from browsers.

30 Days money back guarantee

100% satisfaction or money back guarantee.

100% secure payment

100% secure payment with no hidden cost.